Short stories

milo 600


Shortly before the nation’s bicentennial, a wave of graffiti washed over Philadelphia. Before long it came to the attention of A. Edward Jaffe. In those days Jaffe was still the […]


The Stump

Lorraine and Kevin Bibby owned the largest tree in the neighborhood and when it split with a sizzling crack during a wicked summer lightning storm the whole community felt their […]



The brothers had been left by themselves for the morning in the living room of the Murray Hill apartment where their grandparents lived. The younger brother, Nicky, had been lying […]

A Family Plot a story

Family plot

“How does my laugh sound to you,” he said, “does it sound tinny?” “Tinny?” She asked. They were in a coffee shop on Chestnut Street called Coffee Roasters. They were […]

The Last Gin and Tonic

The last gin and tonic

The three men were sitting in a trolley car that had long ago been turned into an expensive drinking establishment. Political figures were on the TV screen above the bar […]

at the dmv 600×600

At the DMV

The large man across the counter took my form without looking at me. He was sitting in a small chair with rollers and he had it scooched to the side […]

Angel 600×600


The man paused on the doorstep, huffed into his palm to check his breath, and then shook his jacket straight. Ignoring the bell to the side, he gave a stout […]

The Last Taxpayer

The Last Taxpayer

The two men were in the locker room. The tall one was stripping down after a sweaty workout. The short bearded one sat on a stool, tiredly pulling off his […]

Up With the Baby 600 gray

Up With The Baby

(Pitch Dark. Two Voices, A Man and A Woman) “Did you hear him?” “I did not hear anything.” “I heard him. I definitely heard him.” “I didn’t hear anything.” “Are […]



I was sitting in a booth in a diner in the Mission, typing on my laptop. In the booth behind me there was a man and a woman. I could […]

Ordinary Life

Ordinary Life

The two men were standing by the big mirror in the locker room. The older one was on the way to a workout; the younger one was drenched in sweat. […]

beach-fire 600

Beach fire

They were gathered around the fire on the beach after the sunset had come and gone.  They were in beach chairs and pressed up against the fire for warmth in […]

sushi 600


They were sitting cross-legged at the low table waiting for the waiter to take the man’s credit card. They had been waiting for a long time and no waiter had […]

At the DMV

At the DMV draft

Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday. See the full collection.  The large man across the counter took my form without looking at me. He was sitting in a small chair with […]

Pitch, a story 600


We were driving in my car. She said, “What’s the name of this restaurant?” It was the kind of question she always asked. “Pitch….” I said and then added, “Just […]