A Lawyer’s Big Leap

In 1972, 21-year-old Joe Dworetzky sauntered into the American Express office in Bogotá, Colombia, to see if he had any mail. He’d been hitchhiking around Latin America that fractious year, paying witness to unstable governments and relishing the worldly sense of freedom experienced by untethered college graduates. The clerk handed him something he’d never before received: a Western Union cable from his father. Oh my God, Dworetzky thought to himself. “This is really going to be bad.”

A San Francisco lawyer-turned-journalist captures the coronavirus era in 'social cartoons'

To the left is a newspaper article featured in USA Today and newspapers around the country.  In it, Joe discusses his work cartooning during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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In 2017, after several decades as a successful lawyer, Joe became a Fellow in Stanford University’s Distinguished Career Institute (DCI), a year-long program that “seeks to improve the life journey of accomplished individuals in midlife by helping them renew their purpose, build a new community and recalibrate wellness ­– physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

The interview to the right was conducted at Stanford while he was in the DCI program. The interviewer was interested in Joe’s transition from lawyering to cartooning.