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Queen for a Day

I am fascinated by reality TV. I love the cheesy gimmicks and the faux competitions. What is better than seeing alliances made and betrayed, secrets kept by shouting them out? I […]

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Operator Error

Pacific Heights is a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood that brings tourists to see the huge houses – the houses of Larry Ellison of Oracle, Senator Diane Feinstein, the writer Danielle […]


Riding Sidecar

Since moving to San Francisco I have become a loyal fan of Uber. But Uber is pricy and one day I heard about a cheaper alternative called Sidecar, the “People’s […]

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After nine months in San Francisco, I went to the East Coast for the summer. My friends said it was wise to get out of the Bay Area in July […]

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Eli said, “Jay Boy, you are looking kind of hobo.” Eli and I were standing on Haight Street outside a grungy store called “Robot Speak”. Robot Speak specialized in equipment […]

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My cousin is visiting. I should have done a better job of planning for dinner but she has comprehensive food allergies and I am lazy and so it is Saturday […]

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When I moved to San Francisco, I decided to stop wearing a watch. I had worn a watch for 40 years but why did I need a watch? People in […]



My first book, Nine Digits, is a comic novel for young adults. Nine Digits tells the story of a dysfunctional family chosen to compete on a reality TV show in […]



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Beach fire

They were gathered around the fire on the beach after the sunset had come and gone.  They were in beach chairs and pressed up against the fire for warmth in […]