Bed Time Story

Bedtime Story cropped

What’s the name of this restaurant?

Opaque…. Just to give you a head’s up, it’s unusual. The idea is that you dine in the dark.

You are kidding.

No. The idea is that in the dark your other senses are heightened.

You are kidding me.

No. Seriously. I mean we don’t have to go. I thought it would be interesting.

Where did you find out about this place?

On Yelp. It gets pretty good reviews.

How is the food?

They say it is pretty good.

I don’t care about it being dark. I mean I wouldn’t go to a restaurant because it is dark – that seems pretty sophomoric to me. But I wouldn’t care if the food was good. I think that is the point. The food should be good.

It is supposed to be good. But we don’t have to go. I would rather we don’t go than go and have you wishing we were someplace else.

* * *

It is really dark in here. They weren’t kidding. It is pitch black.

I can’t see what I am eating. I think this is stupid.

I kind of like it.

I can’t tell what is on my plate.

I am surprised at how comfortable it is. I thought I would be on edge.

I am on edge. I can’t tell what food is on my plate. Half of what makes food appealing is how it looks. And this way it is all smooshed up.

Yeah. I had a bite of a toasted bread crumb-like thing and wow that was a surprise cause I wasn’t expecting something hard and crunchy in my salad.

You don’t have any way to balance portions. I like to put a little tuna on the bread with a little of the onion and have it together but I got one bite that was just a chunk of onion.

Yeah, I had one that was just all 100% blue cheese.

I like to see what I am eating.

I like the surprise but I wish I was more efficient with my fork. I am having a lot of empty bites.

* * *

People sound loud in here.

Yes, they do. Particularly singing.

Can you believe they are having someone’s birthday here? I mean why? Who wants to have their birthday where they can’t see what they are eating?

It is a way to make their birthday special.

That’s stupid… You think I can use my cell phone as a flashlight to see what I am eating?

No. That would be disrespectful to all the people here who came here to eat in the dark.

Why do they care if I want to see my food?

* * *

How is your dinner?

I don’t know. I can’t see it.

* * *

Who came up the idea for this restaurant? Why would anyone want to eat without being able to see their plate? What a waste. We could have gone to a restaurant where they had good food. And we could have seen it.

I think my dinner is delicious. I am surprised at how comfortable it is here. I think there is something about hearing the chatter at other tables that makes it feel open and comfortable. I don’t feel claustrophobic at all.

I feel claustrophobic.

Which of our friends do you think would most like this place?

None of them. They would all hate it. You can’t see your food. Maybe Ellen. No she would hate it too. She’d want to like it for you but she would hate it. Brian wouldn’t go, so he wouldn’t hate it. Jay would hate it. Pretty much everyone would hate it.


You should have taken Delia. She likes curiosities. She gets that from you.

Some people must like it. They seem to do a good business.

I bet no one ever comes back. You can’t see your food.