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queen for a day 600×600

Queen for a Day

I am fascinated by reality TV. I love the cheesy gimmicks and the faux competitions. What is better than seeing alliances made and betrayed, secrets kept by shouting them out? I […]

Snowballs, a story 600


When my brother and I were boys we used to stand up on the hill by Mark Riley’s house and wait for cars to come by so we could bombard […]

smut 600×600


Greg Palumbo and me, we were always looking for dirty pictures. Walking down Westlake Drive – that was the main drag in the little town outside of New York where […]

milo 600


Shortly before the nation’s bicentennial, a wave of graffiti washed over Philadelphia. Before long it came to the attention of A. Edward Jaffe. In those days Jaffe was still the […]


Monopoly –

When the rain came I decided to show them how to play Monopoly. They were so young, so inexperienced. I almost felt sorry for them. Can you imagine? Timmy (12) […]


The Stump

Lorraine and Kevin Bibby owned the largest tree in the neighborhood and when it split with a sizzling crack during a wicked summer lightning storm the whole community felt their […]



The brothers had been left by themselves for the morning in the living room of the Murray Hill apartment where their grandparents lived. The younger brother, Nicky, had been lying […]

A Family Plot a story

Family plot

“How does my laugh sound to you,” he said, “does it sound tinny?” “Tinny?” She asked. They were in a coffee shop on Chestnut Street called Coffee Roasters. They were […]

operator error 600×600

Operator Error

Pacific Heights is a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood that brings tourists to see the huge houses – the houses of Larry Ellison of Oracle, Senator Diane Feinstein, the writer Danielle […]

The Last Gin and Tonic

The last gin and tonic

The three men were sitting in a trolley car that had long ago been turned into an expensive drinking establishment. Political figures were on the TV screen above the bar […]

amnio bw 600×600


  “Play you three for King,” he said. “I already am King,” I said. “You won’t be for long.” He gave me a long and taunting look. He had adopted […]


Riding Sidecar

Since moving to San Francisco I have become a loyal fan of Uber. But Uber is pricy and one day I heard about a cheaper alternative called Sidecar, the “People’s […]

train 360×360


I was 20 maybe. Second-year of college. Home for the summer. I had a half-assed summer job and lots of free time. I was with a girl who I liked. […]

foghorn bw 600×600


After nine months in San Francisco, I went to the East Coast for the summer. My friends said it was wise to get out of the Bay Area in July […]

defender 600×600

The Defender is Guilded

“I am a very good lawyer”, she said. Emmy was nine and riding in the front seat of my car. The seat was sufficiently sensitive to realize that she weighed […]

big league cropped

Big league

“This is Jim Fitzgerald,” my voice mail said. “I’m looking for a Joe Doorsky. If you are him, please give me a call. It’s about Kensico Little League.” Kensico Little […]

hipster 600×600


Eli said, “Jay Boy, you are looking kind of hobo.” Eli and I were standing on Haight Street outside a grungy store called “Robot Speak”. Robot Speak specialized in equipment […]

reservations 600


My cousin is visiting. I should have done a better job of planning for dinner but she has comprehensive food allergies and I am lazy and so it is Saturday […]

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